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Eau Claire Confluence Arts, Inc.

Eau Claire Confluence Arts, Inc. is the non-profit organization that owns the land where the Confluence Arts Center is being built, will own the Arts Center and will be the owner contracting for the construction of the Arts Center. They will oversee the development and construction of the building, and are the final recipient of all funds intended for capital construction and development including philanthropy, grant dollars, city and county funding, and new market tax credits. The organization’s membership includes two representatives from the city, one representative of the Eau Claire Regional Arts Council Endowment Trust, one representative from Haymarket Concepts and up to 9 community members who have expertise, experience and direct support of the project.

Jerry Jacobson (CEO of Northwestern Bank) is the chair.

Board of Directors:

  • Gerald Jacobson, President
  • Zach Halmstad, Vice President
  • Kim Way, Assistant Vice President
  • Patti Lien, Secretary
  • Howard White, Treasurer
  • Samir Murty
  • Dan Market
  • Kerry Kincaid
  • Dale Peters
  • Lori Ronstad
  • John Sackett
  • Mark Stoering

Confluence Council, Inc. and Board

The Confluence Council, Inc is the entity charged by Eau Claire Confluence Arts Inc. with the operations of the Confluence Arts Center. This organization will be responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Arts Center, staffing, scheduling, budgeting and the development of policies and procedures. Members of the Confluence Council include representatives from the city, Visit Eau Claire, arts groups, the university and the community.

Vicki Hoehn (Vice President of Community Engagement) is the chair.

Board of Directors:

  • Jason Anderson, UW-Eau Claire
  • Mel Breed, Brotoloc Health Care Systems
  • Dan Clumpner, Commonweal Development
  • Brady Foust
  • Arthur Grothe, UW-Eau Claire
  • Dan Gustafson, Weld Riley
  • Vicky Hoehn, Royal Credit Union
  • Linda John, Visit Eau Claire
  • Ben Richgruber, Eau Claire Regional Arts Center
  • Mike Rindo, UW-Eau Claire
  • Ann Sessions, Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild
  • Jay Winzenz, City of Eau Claire