Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce


May 13, 2014

Letter from Bob McCoy

It’s been over a month now since the decisive pro-Confluence results in the April election. Those strong majorities confirm public support for the Confluence Project’s importance to the future of Eau Claire. They create valuable momentum towards completing the local funding share.

But the vote was just one step, and there are still several key decisions that need to be made.

Right now, the next big milestone on which you can have the most impact: Help affirm the state funding that is needed to make up UW-Eau Claire’s portion of the project.

Here’s what you can do: Contact Governor Scott Walker, Secretary of Administration Mike Huebsch, and your own local legislators to encourage them to support the state’s commitment to the Confluence Project.

Tips for making an effective contact:

Type of contact:
• The most impact would be a letter printed and mailed on your company letterhead.
• If that isn’t possible, any contact you make will be helpful – a personal letter, e-mail, or phone call.

What you can say:
Rather than a “form letter,” a simple, short statement in your own words will be the most effective. It just needs to include three things:

1. Start by saying you support the Confluence Project and the state funding for UWEC’s share of it.

2. Give one or two reasons. You don’t have to make every argument, just pick one or two key points that are most relevant to you that address the reasons the state/UWEC should be part of the project. Here are some:

• It’s a unique collaboration between the University and the Community
• It saves money on construction and operating costs vs. doing separate venues
• It avoids unnecessary duplication of facilities
• It helps spur private development as a public-private partnership
• The community decisively showed local support in the April 1 election
• Private donations will make up a significant part of the local share (and if you’ve donated, mention it)
• Being part of the Confluence will be more cost effective for the University than building on campus

3. Thank them for their consideration and ask them to publicly support the state commitment.

Contact information:
Governor Scott Walker, 115 E Capitol, Madison WI 53702; 608-266-1212; govgeneral@wisconsin.gov
Mike Huebsch, Secretary of Administration, 101 E Wilson St, Madison WI 53703; 608-266-1741; mike.huebsch@wisconsin.gov
• Contact your own State Senator and State Representative: If you’re not sure who that is, click here and enter your voting address, then scroll down to “your state elected officials.”

What else you can do:
• Ask 3 or 4 friends and colleagues to do the same thing
• Share your correspondence with us, including replies you receive. (Send to Scott Rogers, our Governmental Affairs Director: rogers@eauclairechamber.org )

More information:
• The Chamber’s Fact Sheet: The Confluence Project: What it is and why the Chamber supports it (updated since the election)

Your letters really will made a difference. Send yours today.

Bob McCoy, President & CEO
Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce