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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Did you miss us? We missed you, but we’ve been busy preparing for the long haul. Our mission to educate and advocate is still on course to provide you with the FACTS not the misleading interpretations of a radical group trying to disrupt local government. We have interviewed city officials, talked to county business leaders, and listen to the dreams of our community’s talented children looking forward to a creative future – in Eau Claire not Minneapolis.

At a recent Eau Claire City Council meeting people came forward to state they were not given comprehensive, accurate information when asked to sign a referendum petition. UW-Eau Claire students have stated they signed the petition just to get the petitioner to stop bothering them. Basically, the people gathering signatures had no factual understanding of the “referendum for a referendum” and resorted to stating, “it will raise your taxes.” For crying out loud, we’ll tell you one more time petitioners: the City’s investment in the Confluence Project DOES NOT RAISE YOUR TAXES!

Yet, the radicals continue to propagate myths without telling the whole story, without considering the entire economic impact and public benefit of the Confluence Project. If you simply consider the public benefits of the City’s investment in the North Barstow section of Tax Increment District 8 – Phoenix Park, the Farmer’s Market, and the expansion of housing and commercial businesses – you can see the future benefits of the Confluence Project. The bottom line folks – if you invest in nothing you get…nothing. Which could be what they want. Keep the status quo. Maybe better jobs and economic growth for our community threatens their livelihood and power.

As a successful local entrepreneur has stated: enough of this crap. It’s time to for us to move forward and do exactly what the petitioners want: Let the People Vote!

Sign up today at the Voices for Growth. Help them Get Out the Vote on April 1st.

We’ll be here to tell the truth about tax increment financing, the public benefits of investment in economic growth, and how other communities have turned the revitalization of their downtown into jobs and revenue for an entire region. Check out the sidebar announcement of Kevin Miller’s upcoming presentation at Downtown Eau Claire’s Annual Awards Banquet – this is the future and the time is now for Eau Claire to make history.

Until our next communication, please take a minute to sign up at Voices for Growth – Let Your Voice Be Heard!

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