New Blog “My Story to Tell”

It’s Your Story to Tell

April 25, 2014


by Scott Morfitt, CftC Featured Blogger

In the first “My Story to Tell” blog I talked to you about what an amazing art scene Eau Claire has.  This is because of the the intense focus on collaboration and placemaking which this scene intrinsically brings to the community.

This collaboration between people is why I think the Confluence Project is an amazing opportunity for Eau Claire.  It has the potential to use this creative synergy to build something that gives the people of this region an amazing space to celebrate the arts.

With this in mind the next few blog posts I write will feature questions and answers with some of these people and why they believe that the time is now for this amazing asset to the community.

I will not just be interviewing the people we classically think of as “artists” (though they will be featured too); business leaders, politicians, sound and light professionals, and community leaders will share their views on why this is so great.

While I have a list of some key players to interview, this project is about bringing many diverse perspectives to the table.  So, if you want to be included please email me at

This project is about celebrating collaboration and I believe that is why it is important that many voices make “My Story to Tell” a story about how we all worked together to build something special.