SUCCESS! Resolution in Support of Confluence Project


The UW System Board of regents have passed a resolution instructing UW System President Ray Cross to work with the state Department of Administration to implement the Confluence Project. State funding for the Confluence Project will be requested through the non-state agency grant program in the 2015-2017 state biennial budget.

UW System statement on Confluence Project:

The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents today reaffirmed support for the UW-Eau Claire Confluence Project as part of the resolution recommending UW System 2015-17 capital budget projects.

The resolution directed UW System President Ray Cross or his designees to work with the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Administration to implement the project.

Gov. Scott Walker announced his support for the Eau Claire Confluence Project on June 23 and reaffirmed that support Tuesday, Aug. 19.

“Based on my decades of experience in business, real estate and community leadership, I understand the power of the public-private partnerships,” explained Regina Millner, vice president of the Board of Regents.  “They create jobs and stimulate the creation and expansion of other businesses. They directly and indirectly improve a region’s quality of life.

“The Confluence Project will turn a blighted industrial parcel into a vibrant, job-creating center of activity,” she continued. “It will provide multiple benefits to the community and provide immediate and long-term benefits to the region’s economy. It will also leverage private-sector and philanthropic investments.

“We are both competitors and neighbors with our friends across the Mississippi in Minnesota,” Millner said. “The Confluence Project will provide educational, social and cultural benefits for both states, though its economic benefits will be most realized here in Wisconsin. This project is consistent with the UW universities’ historic role and the economic influence they provide in their communities and across Wisconsin. I believe its many benefits justify moving forward.”

The Confluence Project leverages local government, philanthropic, private and state dollars to create a project that no one of these partners could do alone. The project more closely connects the UW-Eau Claire campus with the community and region its serves and has the potential to have significant economic development impact now and in the future.