Construction Photos Courtesy of Lee Butterworth Photography.

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Why we need the Confluence Art Center

Local arts groups show support for the Confluence Arts Center.

Thank you to all of the current and future supporters!
Together we can make the Confluence Arts Center a reality!

Creative Place-Making – The Confluence Arts Center

This compilation video highlights our story over the past four years.
Thank you to all who have helped and will help.
Together we can make the Confluence Arts Center a reality!


Confluence Possibilities

The Confluence Arts Center will provide enriched experiences for UW-Eau Claire students
who will both perform and work behind the scenes in the new state-of-the-art facility to be constructed in downtown Eau Claire.
Private gifts in support of the Confluence Arts Center are welcome as the project partners near the $13.5 million philanthropy goal.
This video describes the important impact the project will have on UW-Eau Claire students.

 For the Love

Video: The Post House & Morfitt Media
Music credit: “Towers” performed by Bon Iver. Courtesy of Jagjaguwar.
Why do we keep pushing to improve the quality of Life in Eau Claire? Its for the love.

Individual Support

Justin Vernon Talks About What the Confluence Project Means to Him and to Eau Claire

Video: Community for the Confluence
Justin Vernon, native of Eau Claire, shares his thoughts about what the Confluence Project
means not only for him as a musician, but for the future of Eau Claire.

UWEC Chancellor Schmidt Discusses the Confluence Project in Downtown Eau Claire

UWEC Chancellor Schmidt talks about the University’s involvement and partnership
with the community on the Confluence Project in downtown Eau Claire.

Zach Halmstad Talks About the Confluence Project in Eau Claire, WI

Zach Halmstad, owner of JAMF Software in Eau Claire, WI, shares his thoughts about the
Confluence Project and what it means for the future of his company and employees.