Why it is Important for You to Attend the Pep Rally

Building Momentum as a Community Gathered Together

November 22, 2013

You may ask yourself: why is it so important for me to attend the Confluence Pep Rally? We have busy lives—kids, work, shopping, laundry, volunteering—and it’s Thanksgiving week with family coming for dinner. One hour is precious time to catch up or get ahead.

This is exactly why we need you at the Pep Rally. We can’t lose another minute building momentum in support of the Confluence Project. Your voice—the voices of your friends, family, co-workers—must be heard above the hubbub of opposition. As a group, as a community gathered together, the truth will be heard loud and clear!

Opposition to the Confluence Project isn’t just trying to stop this singular project. They want “any physical construction of any municipally financed (in whole and in part) project which includes a building planned for dramatic, musical, or artistic performances, requiring a capital expenditure…of one million dollars or more” to be submitted for public vote as a binding referendum. Thus placing a strangle hold on arts facility development in the City of Eau Claire.

As a Community for the Confluence, we stand together for economic development through arts and culture. Eau Claire is blessed to have a diverse and innovative arts community. Our elected City representatives understand how to use economic development tools to build an arts district within a tax increment financing (TIF) district. Your co-workers, friends and family probably don’t understand the economic dynamics of tax increment financing, or that TIF districts do not increase taxes. Our elected representatives do understand how a TIF district can be used to fully fund the City’s capital expenditure for the Confluence Community Arts Center.

Bring them to the Pep Rally, together let’s show broad, diverse support for the arts. Let’s talk about how the Confluence Project will help grow and sustain our innovative arts community. How the University and the City are making an investment in the rejuvenation of our downtown.

Take an hour out of your day, buy the arts a beer and enjoy the camaraderie of Community for the Confluence. Together we can make this unique public-private opportunity to revitalize downtown happen now. Come to the Pep Rally!

Community for the Confluence Pep Rally
Tuesday, November 26, 2013
5:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

State Theatre
316 Eau Claire Street
Downtown Eau Claire